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SA IAH Chapter – Seminar – Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

Thursday 31st October 2019 – Adelaide, 2-5pm

Find out how GDEs are protected in water allocation plans and what information is required for exploration and mining applications.


Seminar Flyer (Pdf 240 KB)

Groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) have been in the news recently, especially in relation to controversial mining developments in Queensland. This seminar will shed light on the GDE situation in South Australia – their characteristics, their location, how they are taken into account in the water allocation planning process, and what is considered in the mining approval process.

Four experts from DEW will make the following presentations;

1)   What are GDEs and where do they occur in SA?   Glen Scholz, Principal Aquatic Ecologist

2)   How can you find out where they occur?  Matt Miles, Principal – Environmental Information

3)   How does Water Planning take into account GDEs?  Jason Vanlaarhoven​, Senior Aquatic Ecologist

4)   How does the Mining Approval process take into account GDEs?  Lloyd Sampson, Principal Hydrogeologist

Afternoon tea will be provided

Venue: Flinders University
182 Victoria Square
Adelaide SA 5000
Level 10, Room 10.1

Register to attend – click here: This is a free event.

AGC2019 – Early-Bird Registration Reminder

Have you secured your spot to attend the AGC2019?

Now is your chance to register at a discounted rate.
Early bird registration closes Friday, August 30, 2019

The 2019 conference promises to be an epic event filled with informative presentations by over 350 delegates from around the region. The program will include stimulating plenary speakers, engaging panel discussions & presentations focused on the theme of ‘Groundwater in a changing world’.

Meet like-minded industry professionals & build your connections with exhibitors & delegates. We have many opportunities to expand your network with entertaining events such as the Welcome Reception & Exhibition Launch, Student-Industry Networking & IAH Groundwater Industry Awards Night, Conference Dinner & Field Trips exploring the sights & sounds of this sub-tropical dynamic region.

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2019 IAH/NCGRT Distinguished Lecturer Series

2019 IAH / NCGRT Distinguished Lecture Series presented by Dr Justine Lacey 

Principal Research Scientist & Director of CSIRO’s Responsible Innovation Initiative

Social License to Operate: a critical issue in Australia and around the world, especially with mining and coal seam gas developments.

Social licence to operate (SLO) is a term that has emerged in Australia and around the world over the last two decades. For the most part, SLO has been popularised within the mining and extractive industries where it has been used to describe the broad approval or acceptance of a resource development activity that is afforded by local communities or other stakeholders, who can affect the profitability of that activity. However, SLO importantly points to the changing nature of societal expectations that have influenced the way in which the development, management and use of natural resources is now being undertaken.

Read full abstract & biography here

Australian Tour Dates:
Perth Lecture
Monday 7th Oct
Adelaide Lecture
Tuesday 8th Oct
Townsville Lecture
Thursday 10th Oct
Brisbane Lecture
Friday 11th Oct
Darwin Lecture
Monday 14th Oct
Sydney Lecture
Tuesday 15th Oct
Melbourne Lecture
Wednesday 16th Oct
Canberra Lecture
Thursday 17th Oct

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Groundwater PhD Recruitment Call

Expressions of Interest – Closing Friday 2nd August 2019

The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) is seeking ‘Expressions of Interest’ from the brightest minds from a wide range of science, engineering, and social science disciplines to undertake a variety of groundwater PhD’s across the country.

NCGRT headquartered at Flinders University has 13 University partners who are in the top echelons of university rankings for water resources in the world. The PhD research positions offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and work alongside some of the worlds most revered groundwater scholars and renowned influential thinkers. You will conduct innovative research addressing the most pressing contemporary issues in groundwater science, management, and policy. Successful candidates will be asked to apply for the RTP Scholarship round.

Click here for more information on the projects or to express your interest

Deadlines have been extended for Abstracts & IAH Groundwater Industry Awards

Abstracts and IAH Awards submissions have now been extended. Abstracts will now be open until 5pm Friday June 28, 2019. There will be no extension past this date. To submit an abstract, please visit the AGC2019 website.

Nominations for the IAH Groundwater Awards will now be open until  5pm Thursday 12 September, 2019.

You can apply on your own behalf or on behalf of another/others. To be shortlisted simply fill out the form (click button above) and email to For industry and project awards the abstract should address the research/application/projects:

  1. Problem that has been addressed;
  2. Relevance to Australian conditions;
  3. Solution and how the solution benefits others, including, where appropriate, transferrable skills/outcomes; and
  4. Evidence of consultation with and review by peers, regulators and/or stakeholders.

For more information and to apply, please click here.

AGC2019 Grants, Awards and Abstract Submission Deadline 14th June 2019

Just a friendly reminder that we are edging closer to the AGC2019 Abstract, Grant Application and Awards Submission deadline of the 14th June. You can find more information about the AGC2019 by visiting the website Be part of the action and attend this epic event filled with informative presentations, entertaining networking events and stunning field trips exploring the sights and sounds that this sub-tropical dynamic region has to offer.

You can find more information on the individual opportunities by visiting the following pages:


IAH Groundwater Awards

Grant opportunities to attend the conference

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Social Program

Field Trips



Program, Plenary Speakers and Panels

SA IAH Chapter: MDB Groundwater Seminar

Dr Glen Walker presents:  Cumulative impacts on streamflow from potential groundwater extraction under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: a preliminary risk assessment


Under the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) Plan, sustainable diversion limits (SDLs) have been set for groundwater resources across the whole of the MDB and at a range of depths. The resulting aggregate SDL for the MDB (3494 GL) is much greater than the mean annual groundwater extraction for the period 2003-2017 (1335 GL) and hence would allow increases in extraction to meet future demands. Any increase in groundwater extraction may reduce surface water flow and potentially undermine the surface water SDLs, a key outcome of the Basin Plan. In response to this concern, University of Melbourne was asked to review the potential risk of increased extraction. A preliminary risk assessment was conducted for the cumulative impact of groundwater extraction on streamflow within 40 years under different scenarios of increased groundwater extraction. The baseline condition is no evident increasing trend for groundwater extraction during the period 2003-2017. The talk will describe the methodology, which had developed in various studies over 15 years; the results of the assessment; and the implications for management.


Glen Walker has conducted groundwater and salinity research for over 30 years with CSIRO in Adelaide. Specific research interests included recharge and discharge, vegetation and salinity, catchment modelling for salinity management, groundwater-surface water interactions and climate impacts on groundwater. He also led the groundwater component of the Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yields project and is a recipient of WE Woods Award for National Excellence in Salinity Research. Since his retirement from CSIRO in 2014, Glen has been consulting with his company, Grounded in Water, and is a member of the Independent Scientific Expert Committee for Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development.

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For more information visit the SA Events webpage

Australian Chapter IAH Groundwater Awards Launched

The Australian Chapter IAH Groundwater Industry Awards recognises outstanding contribution in six categories. Awards announced and presented at the AGC2019 Student-Industry Networking Night at the Queensland Museum. Details on how to apply are listed on this page. Nominations close June 14, 2019. If you have any questions please contact us.

Award Nomination Form

You can apply on your own behalf or on behalf of another/others. To be shortlisted simply fill out the form (above) and email to For industry and project awards the abstract should address the research/application/projects:

  1. Problem that has been addressed;
  2. Relevance to Australian conditions;
  3. Solution and how the solution benefits others, including, where appropriate, transferrable skills/outcomes; and
  4. Evidence of consultation with and review by peers, regulators and/or stakeholders.

For individual awards, the abstract should provide examples of the nominee’s work that is consistent with the selection criteria.

Please include two referees (awards 1–5). The nominee needs to be a current IAH member.


  • IAH hydrogeology award trophy
  • Prize money
  • Recognition on IAH website and marketing materials
  • Invitation to speak at IAH event in 2020 (awards 1–5)

Award Categories

1: Groundwater industry excellence

2: IAH groundwater innovation and technology

3: IAH groundwater professional

4: IAH young professional

5: IAH student award

6: Best groundwater photo

Registration for those not attending the Australasian Groundwater Conference

This event is open to everyone, not just those who are attending the AGC2019. Please click the links below to register if you are either non-student / student who is not attending the main conference.

Student-Industry Networking & Industry Awards Night (industry price $120)

Student-Industry Networking & Industry Awards Night (student* price $60)

Make hydrogeological science be heard in Canberra

IAH, through our membership of the Australian Geoscience Council, is a Science & Technology Australia (STA) member organisation. STA is the nation’s peak body in science and technology. STA is holding the Science Meets Parliament event on 13–14 August 2019 in Canberra ( STA is offering scholarships to attend the event under the following categories: Indigenous STEM (Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage); STEM Pride (people who identify as LGBTQI+); and regional STEM (STEM practitioners who work >150km from a major capital city). Please visit the website for further information. Scholarship applications close 15 June.


Groundwater Modelling Uncertainty: Implications for Decision – Making. Summary Report of the GMU workshop – AGC2017

Modelling uncertainty issues are discussed in chapter 7 of the Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines (AGMG; Barnett et al., 2012). However, there has been generally poor uptake of uncertainty methods and a perception of low value for money from the results of uncertainty analysis and/or poor appreciation of how to make decisions based on a range of predictive simulations and results expressed with probabilities rather than ‘a single number’. This is despite the AGMG guiding principle 7.1: ‘Because a single “true” model cannot be constructed, modelling results presented to decision makers should include estimates of uncertainty’.

This report provides a summary of the outcomes from the 2017 national groundwater modelling uncertainty workshop convened by the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), and the subsequent modelling outlook panel session held at the Australasian Groundwater Conference (AGC) on 10 and 13 July 2017, respectively. The purpose of this report is to provide simple documentation of the workshop proceedings (inputs, outputs and discussions).

Click here to read the Groundwater Modelling Uncertainty Workshop Report