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Addressing low injectivity through technology at Peninsula Hot Springs

westMay 2020 Tech Talk – Online

Host: Kelly-Jane Wallis | Presentation by: Martin Pujol

Peninsula Hot Springs on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, is the largest geothermal hot spring facility in Australia with 0.5 million visitors annually.

Martin Pujol, a Senior Geothermal Hydrogeologist with Rockwater, will take us on a tour of the back of house of this complex facility which includes two production bores, three injection bores, a dedicated filter plant and various innovative injection systems.

Martin’s talk will include an overview of the hydrogeology and geothermics of the Otway Basin drawing comparisons with the geothermal aquifer targets in the Perth Basin.

He will introduce various key technologies which have been used successfully to overcome the historic low injectivity at the site, such as directional drilling, pre-pack screens, downhole ASR valves, AFM and GAC media, filter press and SCF threaded casing.


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