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Avoiding ‘Day Zero’ by using a MAR approach in South Africa

Please join us for a Live Teams event to hear from Hugo Marais on Managed Aquifer Recharge next Wednesday hosted by Nick Coulson


Presenter: Hugo Marais, Principal Hydrogeologist, Advisian, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

When: 5 pm, Qld time: Wednesday, July 28

Where: Live Teams event

Abstract: The need to build resilience into current available water resources is required for sustained living. Adopting a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) approach for conjunctive water use might be one of many options available to obtain a sustained potable water supply and requires detailed planning to be successfully integrated with current water supply system(s). This presentation highlights the strategy and some of the planning challenges faced by the City of Cape Town, South Africa, to avoid “Day Zero”.

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