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GDE’s Panel Discussion


This online seminar/discussion will explore management approaches to protect groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs). This will include discussion of the tools that are currently used to map GDEs across groundwater management areas, and any prioritisation processes that are used to select which GDEs are to be protected. It will also discuss the different management tools (e.g., buffer zones, minimum drawdown criteria) that are applied in different jurisdictions, and how they operate. A key focus will be on the success of the approaches, and key challenges moving forward.

Presenter bio’s:

Fabienne d’Hautefeuille Manager Groundwater Management and Science – Water Knowledge Water Division | Department of Planning and Environment Fabienne d’Hautefeuille has been the manager of the NSW Groundwater team for over 5 years now, leading the team towards tackling technical knowledge acquisition pieces, being pro-active in water resource management and re-establishing links with users and the broader groundwater community. The team also delivers a significant amount of day-to-day advice. Fabienne has trained as an agronomist and hydrologist and then became a hydrogeologist. Fabienne has over 22 years’ experience with industry, consultancies, and government across a range of water resource management topics. The team Fabienne manages consists of about 30 hydrogeologists, it provides technical advice across NSW agencies, essentially on groundwater trades, major projects, town water supply, water planning and water policy and works on knowledge acquisition programs. The team are also the groundwater resource managers when it comes to declining water levels or water quality changes.

Sue Botting Team Leader, Water Policy, and Planning Limestone Coast Landscape Board Sue Botting is the Team Leader, Water Policy and Planning at the Limestone Coast Landscape Board in South Australia. Sue has worked in water management and natural resource management in New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria for 20 years, returning to her home state and region in 2019. The LC Landscape Board Water Policy and Planning Team are a small team primarily responsible for water allocation planning in the region, under the broader umbrella of water resource management. With increased pressures on groundwater resources and dependent ecosystems, the team is working with other staff, agencies and researchers to reconsider policy and investigate alternative mechanisms to balance demands on our water resources.

Adrian Goodreid Team Leader, Environmental Water Planning Team WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation Adrian Goodreid leads the Environmental Water Planning team in Western Australia’s Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. Adrian has a passion for groundwater dependent ecosystems and has 20 years’ experience in water planning, water licensing and environmental impact assessment.
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