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IAH Qld March Tech Talk

 “Monitoring, modelling and assessment of CSG induced subsidence in the Surat CMA”

Presenters: Steve Flook, Gerhard Schoning, Anna Bui

We are pleased to announce the next in-person tech talk for March, with the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) kindly hosting once again.

“Coal seam gas (CSG) development requires the depressurisation of target coal seams to facilitate the release of gas. This depressurisation results in some compaction of coal seams and may further propagate to the ground surface as subsidence.

The Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) undertook a comprehensive assessment of CSG-induced subsidence in the Surat Cumulative Management Area to support the 2021 Underground Water Impact Report. In this session, OGIA’s team members will present key findings from subsidence monitoring methods to detect historical impacts as well as the development of integrated 3D geomechanical models to provide probabilistic estimates of future subsidence impacts.”

  • TIME: 5 pm, Thursday 17 March
  • LOCATION: 1 William Street, Brisbane

If you wish to attend, please reply to this email by Friday 11 March. Attendees must pre-register and numbers are capped at 25 people. We have been advised that anyone wishing to attend at 1 William Street is required to be vaccinated.

Please join us online via Teams:

We’ll head to a nearby venue afterwards for a drink and chat!

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