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(Re)Building landscapes: Groundwater in complex closure designs

About this event

Iron ore mines in the Pilbara manage some of the largest volumes of groundwater in the world in order to access the ore body. But what happens when mining stops?

In this presentation we will discuss the exciting challenges ahead for the groundwater industry in the booming mine closure sector. We will look at the scale of the issues facing the big iron ore miners in the Pilbara, the solutions that are being developed and the innovations that are yet to come, in the quest to rebuild groundwater aquifers, sustain groundwater dependent ecosystems and maintain water quality after mining.

About the presenter:

Kirsty Beckett leads Fortescue’s closure team, advising on closure design, planning and cost estimation, and integrating closure considerations into everyday planning activities. With over 20 years’ experience in land and water management, in natural resource management and mining environments, Kirsty has worked on a diverse range of issues including dryland salinity, pit lakes, flood and climate risk, soil and erosion. A passionate closure planner, Kirsty uses her knowledge of earth systems to challenge the status quo, encourage innovation and work with stakeholders to develop closure solutions that reduce risks and reduce closure costs. She is also a founding member of the Closure Planning Practitioners Association.

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