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Springs and springwater uses in France and Europe

Presenter: Alexis Valenza, Principal Hydrogeologist , Valenza Engineering

Abstract : Throughout the course of history spring-water has been used around the world in a large variety of ways. Springwater has been used for basic survival, medicinal purposes, and for man’s entertainment. But what are springs and how do they form? Where can we find the most impressive springs throughout Europe, including France in particular?

Europe has the highest per capita consumption of packaged water in the world, just ahead of North America. Most of the bottled water originates from mineral water or spring water. What is the distinction between these waters?

Derived from publicly available information and personal experience, Alexis will take us through some of the most amazing natural features of his home country and surroundings.

Biography: Alexis has a Master of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology from the University of Montpellier, France. He spent the first 30 years of his life travelling and working through Europe and North Africa. He gained international expertise in mining and construction hydrogeology, working on large environmental, mining, geotechnical, and infrastructure projects across the globe.

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