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The cost of managed aquifer recharge in Perth


How much does managed aquifer recharge (MAR) really cost? What about all the energy needed to transport and inject water? Is it better than other sources of water? The unhelpful answer is that it depends on the setting. To move beyond this, Ian does the maths for a specific example: water for landscape-irrigation in Perth. He compares a variety of water sources, including MAR, rainwater tanks, desalination and piped water. He also assesses each water source’s energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll see some interesting outcomes that can guide our water resource strategies.


About the speaker

Ian Brandes de Roos is a Principal Hydrogeologist with over 20 years’ experience in the Australian groundwater industry. Ian has developed specialist expertise in MAR, major dewatering and water supply projects, environmental impact assessments and geothermal projects. Prior to working as a hydrogeologist, Ian worked as a geologist and geophysicist, followed by PhD studies in hydrogeology and geophysics.


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