International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

SA IAH Chapter – Statigraphy and Hydrogeology – St Vincent Basin. Supported by DEW and NCGRT

Friday 1 February, 2019

The second of a series of workshops examining the stratigraphy and hydrogeology of the major sedimentary basins in SA focusses on the St Vincent Basin and the aquifers beneath Adelaide and the Northern
Adelaide Plains. The workshop includes;
•Examination of core samples of the major sedimentary units
•Presentations on the geological history, structure and processes
•Viewing 3D visualisations of the surfaces of the major sedimentary units
•Discussion of the hydrogeology and management issues for the major aquifers (including MAR)
•A data package of key geological and hydrogeological reports and GIS coverages of 3D sedimentary surfaces and hydrogeology (salinity and potentiometric surfaces)

Attendance is limited to 50. If there is sufficient demand, a second workshop will be held on Wednesday 27th February.

For further information, contact Steve Barnett on 08 8463 6950 or

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