Nominate your peers or yourself for the 2023 IAH Awards

The IAH Australia Executive invites nominations for its 2023 Groundwater Industry Awards. With these awards, we celebrate, honour, and support IAH members for their outstanding contributions to the industry. The award categories are:

  • IAH groundwater professional award
  • IAH groundwater project excellence and innovation award
  • IAH early career award
  • IAH student award

Nomination process

Financial IAH members may nominate themselves or other current IAH members by submitting a nomination by Friday 8 Sept 2023.

To nominate, please send an initial-interest message to detailing:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Nomination Category
  • Nominee Name
  • Nominee contact details and which IAH chapter they are a member of
  • Brief summary of how this nominee meets the criteria for the nomination category

IAH Australia may then send a more-detailed nomination form if further information is required.

Selection process 

Application assessments are based upon the individual merit of each entry against the award categories and selection criteria, judged by IAH committee representatives across the IAH Australia and New Zealand chapters and coordinated by the awards committee and IAH President.

Awards presentation and ceremony 

Winners will receive their IAH hydrogeology award at the conference dinner, recognition on the IAH website and marketing materials, and an invitation to speak at an IAH event in 2024. Recipients will be publicly acknowledged through print and electronic communications via the AGC2023, IAH and NCGRT.

Award night – Conference dinner 

The 2023 IAH Groundwater Industry Awards will be presented at the AGC/NZHS Conference Dinner held at Auckland Town Hall on Tuesday 28 November 2023.

Award criteria


IAH groundwater project excellence and innovation: An individual or group that has made a significant contribution to a groundwater project, or developed an innovative technique or product, and that has met one or more of the following criteria:

  • is a current financial IAH member in Australia or New Zealand
  • achieved within the last 24 months an improvement in the quality, understanding of, sustainability of or utility of a groundwater resource that has been adopted and used in the industry
  • project/innovation contributes to progressing the groundwater industry in uncovering new knowledge, technologies or industry practice.
  • Project or innovation that addresses a key problem for groundwater in society, undertaken within the last 24 months and demonstrates strong technical rigour, stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • presented the hydrogeology community with new knowledge or technology with application in the groundwater industry
  • demonstrated effective communication of new findings and their environmental, social and economic benefit to industry.

IAH groundwater professional: An individual that has:

  • is a current financial IAH member in Australia or New Zealand
  • contribution and commitment to excellence in groundwater science and practice over their career
  • longevity in the groundwater industry
  • shared their knowledge with the greater groundwater community, including IAH technical presentations and training
  • advanced the knowledge of peers in the industry – including formal and informal mentoring
  • advanced groundwater regulations, practices, technologies, research, sampling, testing and/or assessments.

IAH early career award: A groundwater professional with ≤5 years’ experience in the industry, currently living and/or working in Australia/New Zealand, that has:

  • is a current financial IAH member in Australia or New Zealand
  • has undertaken to learn & advance experience, including work, training and research
  • participates in non-paid hydrogeology support, including IAH and other non-profit initiatives
  • has undertaken groundwater projects or study, including peer reviewed and published work

IAH student award: An undergraduate or postgraduate student that:

  • is a current financial IAH member in Australia or New Zealand
  • is studying (graduated after 2021) hydrogeology in an Australian or New Zealand university
  • exhibits a high level of academic success in the field of hydrogeology
  • has completed work (such as a Masters research etc. project) that is judged to be high quality and impactful
  • shows enthusiasm and engagement with the university and industry, including contributions to peers and academia