The IAH Groundwater Industry Awards recognises outstanding contribution in six categories. Awards will be announced and presented at the AGC2021 conference dinner. Nominations close 6 Aug 2021. Please nominate yourself, a colleague or peer!

The IAH Groundwater Industry Awards six categories are:

1. Groundwater industry excellence
2. IAH groundwater innovation and technology
3. IAH groundwater professional
4. IAH young professional
5. IAH student award
6. Best groundwater photo

1: Groundwater industry excellence

An individual or group that has been made a significant contribution to a groundwater project that has:

  • Achieved (or is set to achieve) an improvement in the quality, understanding of, sustainability of or utility of a groundwater resource.
  • Met challenges by applying some or all of the following qualities: strong technical rigour; stakeholder consultation and engagement; team collaboration; project management skills; and persistence.
  • Been largely finalised within the last 24 months that was conducted in (or that has relevance to) Australasia.

2: IAH groundwater innovation and technology

An individual or group that has:

  • Presented the hydrogeology community with new knowledge or technology with application in the groundwater industry; and/or
  • Demonstrated effective communication of new findings and their value to industry.

3: IAH groundwater professional

An individual that has:

  • Made a significant contribution to the groundwater industry over their career.
  • Shared their knowledge with the greater groundwater community, including IAH technical presentations and training.
  • Advanced the knowledge of peers in the industry – including formal and informal mentoring.
  • Advanced groundwater regulations, practices, technologies, research, sampling, testing and/or assessments.

4: IAH young professional

A groundwater professional with ≤5 years’ experience in the industry, currently living and/or working in Australia/Australasia, that has:

  • Sought to increase their personal knowledge in hydrogeology.
  • Advanced the knowledge of peers in the industry.
  • Demonstrated success in their role on a project involving groundwater.
  • Involved themselves in hydrogeology events and knowledge transfer opportunities, including IAH events, conferences, organising committees.

5: IAH student award

An Australasian undergraduate or postgraduate student that:

  • Exhibits a high level of academic success and enthusiasm in the field of hydrogeology; and/or
  • Have demonstrated hydrogeology skills in a project area or other area of research.

6: Best groundwater photo

An individual’s photo that represents:

  • A novel, elegant or dramatic means of visualising groundwater; and/or
  • The nature and purpose of the groundwater industry.
  • Description to be inserted into abstract box

Nominations are to be sent to