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Groundwater Modelling: Two Case Studies

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Innovative water projects at the US Geological Survey

Periodic hydraulic testing methods for estimating subsurface hydraulic properties

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GMDSI Tech-Talk: Scripted Workflows vs. GUIs

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Groundwater Assessment of the Glendalough Aquifers

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Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science

(Re)Building landscapes: Groundwater in complex closure designs

Hydrogeology from the 1990’s – Contaminated Sites

Don’t forget the geology in Hydrogeology!

Dating Groundwater: Some perspectives on an often-misunderstood pursuit

Conceptualisation of the Condamine Alluvium

Hominins and its key to Migrations by Homo erectus across and out of Africa

Simulation of complex spatial structures in a Bayesian inversion framework for uncertainty quantification

Recollections from Early Years in Hydrogeology

Avoiding ‘Day Zero’ by using a MAR approach in South Africa

“Discovery and delineation of a groundwater mineral resource”

Reminiscences of Pioneering Days in Groundwater Monitoring

Springs and springwater uses in France and Europe

Groundwater archaeology – Postponed

Setting your groundwater models free; overcoming false accuracy using rapid data assimilation”

Open pit slope depressurization study for Olimpiada gold mine

Hydrogeological challenges in operations in the Diavik Diamond Mine in the Canadian Artic

World Water Day Special Webinar

Application of oil and gas production technologies for mine dewatering in complex environments

The Groundwater Project

Digging ‘n’ drilling deeper – where’s mining hydrogeology at?

The cost of managed aquifer recharge in Perth

IAH Victoria – 18 August 2020 Online Presentation

Assessment of hydrogeological conditions in a high rainfall environment, Elang Project, Indonesia

Tech Talk – Faults from the general to the more specific

Addressing low injectivity through technology at Peninsula Hot Springs