Advertising with us

Why advertise with IAH?

The IAH is the chief association in Australia for those active within groundwater related disciplines. Our membership base is diverse and far-reaching, spanning more than 700 people across all states within industry, government, research and academia.

Employment Advertising

Employment opportunities are listed in the employment section of the IAH website and the fee structure is as follows:

  • Non-IAH Members – $400
  • IAH Members – $200
  • IAH Corporate Members – $100

How to submit an advertising request?

Please email your job vacancy in Word format to, together with your company details, job description, clear instructions on how to apply, who to contact regarding further information and when applications close so we know when to remove the job from our website. This will assist us with keeping the Employment page up to date.

Please supply your company logo in high-rest JPG format. This will be included in your job posting.

Also, please let us know upfront whether you are an IAH member, non member, or submitting on behalf of a member so we know how much to invoice you.

Once we have posted your job opportunity on the website, we will send you a link for your approval. Advertisements will be formatted in keeping with the website theme.

Payment for IAH Corporate Members

Payment for IAH Members

Payment for Non-Members