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The IAH NSW branch generally holds events on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

The table below lists previous and current events. For venue details and start times, please click on the links to the event flyers and/or event announcements.

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10 December 2019TBAStudent Night
NovemberAustralian Groundwater Convention, Brisbane Abstracts close 14th June. Submit abstracts here.
15 October 2019Dr Justine Lacey (CSIRO)Social Licence to OperateEvent flyer

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SeptemberIAH Congress, Malaga, Spain Poster abstracts still open. Submit abstracts here.
13 August 2019Liz Webb (EMM)The NSW Groundwater Approvals Assessment Process
9 July 2019Dr Laura Crossey (University of New Mexico)2019 Birdsall-Driess Lecture - Two talk options:
1. Chasing Helium: Mantle-to-Surface Connections to Water Quality and Geomicrobiology.
2. Hydrochemistry and Geoscience Education at Grand Canyon and Beyond: Who Knew Groundwater Hydrology Could Be So Complicated?
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24 June 2019Dr John Doherty2019 Darcy Lecture - Two talk options:
1. Dancing with Models - The Importance of Model Partner Software
2. Starting from the Problem and Working Backwards
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14 May 2019Dr Hamid Roshan (UNSW)Physics-based measurement of formation permeability using widely available downhole logging dataEvent announcement

9 April 2019Brendan Dimech (Bureau of Meteorology)

Dr Andrew Frost (Bureau of Meteorology)
A presentation on Bureau of Meteorology’s suite of national groundwater products (Brendan Dimech)

An overview of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Landscape Water Balance website and the Australian Water Resources Assessment Model (Dr Andrew Frost)
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12 March 2019Dr John Bradd (Principal Hydrogeologist, GHD) Discussion of key observations and developments in hydrogeology throughout my 30 year career and the influences that have shaped my personal journey to where I am today.Event announcement
12 February 2019Dr Richard Evans (Principal Hydrogeologist, Jacobs) Hydrogeological basics and lessons learnt from tunnelling in AustraliaEvent announcement

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27 November 2018Dr Jennifer Stauber (Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Land & Water)Groundwater Quality: An Ecotoxicology PerspectiveEvent announcement

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2018 NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecture Series Information

5 December 2018Dr Stuart Brown (Hydrogeologist, HGEO Pty Ltd)Introductory course on Python for groundwater scienceEvent announcement
13 and 14 November 2018Asitha Katupitiya (Director – Water Quality and Salinity Management MDBA)Regional Meeting
Tuesday 13 November 5.30pm: Presentation on the Basin Salinity Management Strategy
Wednesday 14 November morning: Field trip to the Salt Interception Schemes (SIS) that pump saline groundwater to facilitate salinity reduction on the Murray River
Event announcement
9 October 2018Joshua Yu (UNSW)
Emily Barber (University of Wollongong)
2018 Student Night
Mechanisms affecting PFAS migration under groundwater - surface water interactions (Joshua Yu)
Crossing Three Deep Valleys: The Sedimentology, Geomorphology and Palaeo-environments of Thirlmere Lakes, NSW (Emily Barber)
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30 July 2018Professor Todd Halihan (Oklahoma State University and Aestus LLC)Electrical Hydrogeology: A Picture Is Worth 1000 WellsEvent announcement

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12 June 2018Ross Best (Coffey Services Australia)Control of groundwater to excavations: barriers and dewateringEvent announcement

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21 May 2018Professor Masaki Hayashi (University of Calgary)Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the WorldDarcy Lecture information

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10 April 2018Grant Ferguson (University of Saskatchewan)Hydrogeological Lessons Learned from Deep Subsurface Development of the Williston Basin, CanadaEvent announcement

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12 March 2018Dr Wendy Timms (UNSW)Groundwater & mining: advances with pore pressure analysis and environmental tracer techniquesEvent announcement

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13 February 2018Dr Len DruryHydrogeology of the Dry Zone, Central MyanmarPresentation
31 October 2017Dr Glen Walker2017 IAH/NCGRT Distinguished Lecture
Climate change and Australian groundwater: Current state of knowledge and future responses
17 October 2017Bian Fang (Connected Waters Initiative, UNSW)
Anthony Finn (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie University)
Dr. Monika Markowska (ANSTO)
2017 Student Night
Hydrological signatures of fire on karst vadose zone water, Wombeyan Caves, New South Wales, Australia (Bian Fang)
Tracing shallow lateral preferential pathways of fluid movement using electrical geophysics (Anthony Finn)
Speleothems as recorders of groundwater recharge and evaporation (Dr Monika Markowska)
12 September 2017Dr Mark Armstrong (Geological Survey of NSW)Water and Mining: GSNSW Current Projects and Future DirectionEvent announcement

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TBANSW Regional IAH Meeting
9 August 2017Professor Kamini Singha (Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines)2017 Darcy Lecture
A Tale of Two Porosities: Exploring Why Contaminant Transport Doesn’t Always Behave the Way It Should
11-13 July 2017Australian Groundwater Conference
19 July 2017Dr Ed Harvey (U.S National Park Service Water Resources Division)2017 Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture
National Parks in US and management of water
13 June 2017Dr Andrew Frost (Water Information Services Bureau of Meteorology)
Brendan Dimech (Groundwater Unit, Bureau of Meteorology)
Australian Water Resources Assessment Model (AWRA-L) (Dr Andrew Frost)
Groundwater Information Suite Products (Brendan Dimech)
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Presentation (Dr Andrew Frost)

Presentation (Brendan Dimech)
16 May 2017Dr Wendy Timms (UNSW)
Sue Hamilton (NSW Department of Primary Industry - Water)
Sarah Bish (formerly DPI Water and international aid agencies)
2017 Women in Hydrogeology Night
The panel of three successful and respected hydrogeologists will answer questions posed by two moderators about their careers, experiences and hurdles overcome.
11 April 2017Dr Karina Meredith (ANSTO)Application of environmental isotopes to understand the groundwater cycle
14 March 2017Dr Paul Byleveld (NSW Health)Water, sanitation and hygiene - support for Syrian refugeesEvent flyer
14 February 2017Chris Yeats (Geological Survey of NSW)New products and data from the Geological Survey of NSWEvent announcement

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6 December 2017End of Year Trivia NightTrivia Night format
Noel Merrick as quiz master
General and technical questions
Teams of approximately 4 people
Food and drinks provided
1st prize: $50 per person on the winning team
Plus other prizes
10 November 2017Dr Rebecca Nelson (University of Melbourne)2016 IAH/NCGRT Distinguished Lecturer Series
Regulating the cumulative impacts of groundwater withdrawals: Australia and further afield
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3 November 2016Tim PetersonRegional Meeting, AlburyWebsite.

25 October 2016Ngaio Spencer (WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff)
Brett Nathan (ALRA)
Nicola Fry (EMM Consulting)
Alistair Stewart (Eco Logical Australia)
Serena Yeung (University of Sydney)
Chris Doran (University of Wollongong)
11 October 2016Serena Yeung (University of Sydney)
Chris Doran (University of Wollongong)
Sinxay Vongphachanh (University of Technology Sydney)
Farzina Akter (University of Sydney)
2016 Student Night and IAH NSW Young Professional Award and Presentation
Submarine landslides offshore Yamba, NSW, Australia: An analysis of their timing, velocities and possible causes (Serena Yeung)
Land use and its relationship to riparian zone organic carbon storage on the Upper Hunter River (Chris Doran)
Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in Southern Laos (Sinxay Vongphachanh)
Towards a numerical approach to identify Hydrogeological Landscape Units (Farzina Akter)
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2016 YPA nomination instructions
13 September 2016Emeritus Professor Michael Knight (University of Technology Sydney)Water Supply and Management at Zagora, Andros Island, Greece during the 9th and 8th Centuries BCEvent announcement

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9 August 2016Dr Ty Ferre2016 Darcy Lecture
Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship between Data and Models
12 July 2016Dr Helen Rutlidge (Connected Waters Initiative, Faculty of Science, Water Research Lab, UNSW)Hydrogeochemical and ecological processes in the hyporheic zone and the response to groundwater drawdownEvent announcement

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20 June 2016Kirsten Cowley (Macquarie University)The hydro-geomorphic Structure and Function of Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on SandstoneEvent announcement

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10 May 2016Fabio Carosone
Ray Hatley
Dr Len Drury
The annual ‘Elders Night’ event will feature three experienced hydrogeologists, who will share their knowledge and their life stories with us. We will also present the Woolley award (our lifetime achievement award) to an experienced hydrogeologist who has contributed to the field of hydrogeology in NSW. The agenda for the night will include a Q&A session with the panel members.Event flyer
9 March 2016Dr Ross Brodie (Geoscience Australia)The Broken Hill Managed Aquifer Recharge (BHMAR) project – Approaches taken and lessons learntEvent flyer
16 February 2016Murray Brooker (Hydrominex)Lithium salt lakes – powering the futureEvent announcement

Event flyer
8 December 2015Damian Merrick (HydroAlgorithmics)AlgoMesh: A tool for building unstructured-grid groundwater modelsEvent announcement

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12 October 2015Ronald Peterson (Baroid Industrial Drilling Products)Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
22 September 2015Danielle Griffani
Monika Markowska
Rory Williams
2015 Student Night
25 August 2015Dr Richard Cresswell (ELA)
Charlotte Iverach (UNSW)
Regional series
Isotopes: The keys to understanding connectivity above coal
seam gas operations in the Narrabri region (Dr Richard Cresswell)
Detecting connectivity between an overlying aquifer and a coal
seam gas resource using methane isotopes, dissolved organic
carbon and tritium (Charlotte Iverach)
Event announcement

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10 August 2015Dr Rainer H. Helmig (Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems, University of Stuttgart)Evaluating the Competitive Use of the Subsurface: The Influence of Energy Storage and Production in GroundwaterEvent announcement

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3 June 2015Dr Peter Dillon (CSIRO)2015 NCGRT Distinguished Lecture
12 May 2015John Ross
Dan McKibbin
2015 Elders NightEvent announcement

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13 April 2015Dr Fabienne D'Hautefeuille (Cardno)GDE Management - GAB Springs
19 February 2015Professor David Kreamer (University of Nevada)Preserving Springs in the Grand Canyon National Park