Membership Options

The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) welcomes into membership all those, from whatever country, discipline or level of technical knowledge, who want to improve their understanding of groundwater issues and support its better management. IAH offers a variety of membership options, costs and discounts. Everyone who is a member of IAH has the same, equal, voting rights.

Normal Members

Everyone who is a member of IAH, regardless of the country fee they pay, and regardless of whether they join as individuals, through a National Chapter or as part of a company corporate membership, has the same standing, voting rights and membership benefits.

Online Members

Online members receive exactly the same benefits but all documentation is sent and accessed electronically. With the increasing size of Hydrogeology Journal some members have said that they are quite satisfied with only having access to the Journal on-line and do not wish to receive and store hard copies. When the next Journal is available online, normally at least a month before the hard copy publication, online members are sent an e-mail alert. Online members retain access rights only as long as they maintain their subscription to IAH.

Student Members

Student members receive full membership benefits either by mail or on-line at their choice. Student membership lasts for two years in the first instance and will not be renewed unless a statement of continuing studentship is received from the university or college authorities.

Retired Members

Members who retire from groundwater related employment tend to review their society memberships in the light of their reduced financial circumstances and often resign from IAH. They do this with regret because they would like to maintain a contact with the “IAH family” so from 2008 we have introduced this new category at a reduced rate. Members will receive annual reports, IAH News and Information, Groundwater eNews and would be a voting member of the Association but will not receive the Journal either by mail or have online access to the full papers.

Sponsoring Members

Members will to join as sponsoring members will have a proportion of their fee contributed towards a central sponsorship fund managed by our UK branch. Funds are then used to provide financial support to hydrogeologists or those working in groundwater-related fields who would like to join the IAH and would benefit from membership but are prevented due to economic or other practical reasons. Currently around 250 hydrogeologists are being sponsored globally.

Life Membership

Life membership is available for individuals for a single lump sum payment of 20 x the normal membership fee.

Corporate Membership and Corporate Sponsorship

IAH invites companies working in the field of groundwater and geoscience who wish to demonstrate their support for the goals of IAH, to become corporate sponsors and help provide IAH additional income beyond the contributions of its professional members to support its work. Corporate sponsorship includes basic corporate membership enabling enrollment of up to six employees as personal members. Read more

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