International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

31 March – IAH Congress Abstract Deadline

Monday 14 March, 2016

The abstract deadline for the 60th IAH Congress has been extended to 31 March.

IAH Executive Council gave IAH French and German Chapters the responsibility of organizing its 43rd congress, because 2016 is the 60th anniversary of IAH, which was created on French and German hydrogeologists’ initiative. The general topics particularly deal with the place of hydrogeology in society, how to update the part plaid by hydrogeologists in the society, analyzing the changes of their role, considering its future and accounting the interactions with other fields, particularly human and social sciences. Of course the traditional technical topics of our Congresses such as hydrodynamics, hydrogeophysics, modelling, water economics, etc. (see the list of provisional sessions) will be addressed during this international event.

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