International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

Coal Seam Gas –The Real Water Management Issues Here in NSW

Sunday 16 September, 2012

John Ross graduated from the University of NSW in the mid 1970s with a degree in geology and has spent the last 35 years in hydrogeology. His career has spanned water resource, water policy, contaminated site and infrastructure projects both nationally and overseas in Asia. He has worked for the NSW Government, several environmental consultancies and is now working in the Energy industry Sector (the Upstream Gas Division of AGL Energy).

John’s talk at the IAH NSW monthly technical meeting centers around CSG with an insight into fracture stimulation and dewatering requirements associated with releasing gas from the coal seams. It will primarily focus on the water resource and water management issues surrounding CSG exploration and production in NSW, and provide a case history example of AGL’s investigation and monitoring programs in the Hunter Valley . More details at:  IAH NSW Presentation_CSG Water Management

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