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CSG Groundwater Monitoring Communications Survey

Monday 4 November, 2013

This survey has been prepared as part of an overall study examining the following two hypotheses:


  1. Groundwater monitoring information, if comprehensive, accurate and suitably presented, can alleviate community and regulatory concerns about groundwater impacts from CSG operations.
  2. The current level of scientific research is addressing community and regulatory concerns about impacts from CSG extraction.


The study is being undertaken by three independent groundwater specialists – a hydrogeological consultant, a lecturer in hydrogeology and a social scientist specialising in groundwater issues.  The study is unfunded, is not associated with any particular group or ideology and the proponents are neither for nor against CSG development.

It is intended that the survey will be used to inform a paper being prepared by the three proponents, to be published in a peer-reviewed journal such as the Hydrogeology Journal (if accepted).  The paper will examine what information would be included in an ideal CSG groundwater monitoring program, and in what ways would this information be best communicated in order to provide maximum credibility and assurance to local communities and regulators.

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