International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

Conceptualisation of the Condamine Alluvium

IAH QLD Tech Talk

Presented by Chris Dickinson, Principal Hydrogeologist at KCB, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

The Condamine Alluvium (and its tributary alluvium) is a major aquifer system of regional significance in SE Queensland. Extending from Killarney to downstream of Chinchilla, the system has a strike length of about 140km and an average width of 40km. Substantial primary industry development occurs across the system, and management of groundwater resources is an important and ongoing challenge. This presentation will describe the reconstruction of the hydrogeological conceptualisation of the system inclusive of tributary alluvium development. A fundamental challenge in completing this work was the large volume and high variability of data available. How to distill and interpret this information required a range of first principal skills and approaches.

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