International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

IAH NSW – April Tech Talk

Who is who and what direction for groundwater management in NSW?

Fabienne d’Hautefeuille

Abstract: From the view of someone who is not in the agencies or working closely with DPE Water, it can be quite mesmerising to understand who is who and who does what.  Even more to understand what are the directions for groundwater.  This talk will aim at answering some of these questions.  In NSW, there are three key agencies with responsibilities in groundwater management: WaterNSW, NRAR and DPE Water.  The team often referred to as “the groundwater team” is in DPE.  We will explore how we work within DPE and with our colleague agencies.  I will also introduce you to a few directions which we either are helping develop or initiating to support the needs of a range of stakeholders and environmental outcomes.  Some of them are in progress and I will introduce them.  One of the documents I hope to be able to share with you is the “Groundwater Science Prospectus”, which presents the main topics we will be looking at exploring from a science and applied science perspective.

Bio: Fabienne manages the team of hydrogeologists for the NSW Government known often as “the Groundwater Team”. Fabienne herself is a hydro having done her years as a contractor in the Department, then as a consultant with Golder working on mining prefeasibility projects overseas then on oil and gas.  Fabienne joined Santos at some stage and worked on the QLD GAB springs with the other CSG industry members in QLD.  After returning in NSW and plotting along as a consultant, Fabienne joined DPE Water in 2017.

Not all French people cook or bake but Fabienne does, a lot even.  Fabienne can’t stay indoors for too long and makes the most of the places on offer, for now, this is kayaking in Pittwater and getting into ocean swimming.

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