International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

IAH QLD – March Tech Talk

Remote sensing and groundwater

Presenter: Dr Mahdiyeh Razeghi

When: Thursday, 16 March, 17:30 for a 18:00 start
Where: Level 27, 680 George Street, Sydney

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About the talk:
One of the main impacts of climate change over Australia has been limiting surface water all over the country. With water scarcity as a persistent issue in the country and the emergence of climate change, the importance of groundwater is particularly pronounced and our driest inhabited continent on the Earth is having more reliance on groundwater. The solution for sure is having a resilient and sustainable water management which an essential part of that is having a reliable water/climate monitoring system. I believe such a monitoring system relies on remote sensing and Earth observation as it not only gathers the spatial information remotely in a fast and cheap way, but also enables us to monitor any changes at several spatio-temporal scales.

About Mahdiyeh:
She has studied both a bachelor and master degrees in geomatics and satellite geodesy from Iran. Since completing a PhD at the University of Newcastle, she has been using remote sensing and Earth observation tools and techniques to monitor Australian freshwater resources (eg. surface water and groundwater) and extreme climate events (e.g., floods and droughts). Mahdiyeh’s first postdoc project at Australian National University (ANU) was on the ‘Application and interpretation of GRACE data for groundwater storage changes in the Great Artesian Basin’, funded by Geoscience Australia. Later, Mahdiyeh joined Institute for Water Futures at ANU and introduced a novel application of ‘Using surface deformation to study groundwater storage variation over Lachlan Catchment’. This led to joint research with government of South Australia to re-calibrate their groundwater model using ‘radar images’.

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