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Does the GAB leak eastwards? Latest understanding of the Hutton and Precipice Sandstone aquifers in the southern Surat Basin”

About Phil: Dr Phil Hayes is Associate Professor of Water Resources in the Centre for Natural Gas at the University of Queensland where he directs applied research on environmental and water issues concerning the Coal Seam Gas industry. He is a hydrogeologist and groundwater modeller who’s research interests lie at the meeting point of groundwater and reservoir modelling. Currently Phil is a member of the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development (IESC), a committee that independently advises government regulators on the impacts that coal seam gas and large coal mining development may have on Australia’s water resources. In previous roles Phil was a consultant with Golder and Jacobs in Brisbane and has previously worked in the UK and Chile.

About the Presentation: The basal sequence of aquifers and aquitards in Queensland’s Surat Basin include the Hutton Sandstone, Evergreen Formation and Precipice Sandstone. The Hutton and Precipice, both GAB aquifers, are important groundwater sources with the Precipice also hosting oil fields, Managed Aquifer Recharge injection, and is a target for CO2 sequestration. Hydrogeological understanding has been developed further in the northern portion of the Surat Basin where units outcrop, whilst fundamental knowledge of basics such as flow directions were unclear for the southern Basin. This talk sets the scene of our knowledge of these aquifers, moving from north to south and provides fresh insight on the geology, hydrogeology and hydrochemistry in areas where aquifers are confined at depths of 2 km.

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