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Vertical connectivity: a discussion of connected surface water-groundwater systems in the context of protecting baseflow in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB)

IAH NSW Chapter are pleased to announce our first tech talk of 2023 featuring Glen Walker who will be attending in person.

When: Tuesday 14th February, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start
Where: Level 27, 680 George Street, Sydney
Late arrivals: Call David for access 0407 222 519.

Refreshments and good company will be provided for those attending in person, including food and a range of delicious beverages.

Abstract: One objective of the National Water initiative is to achieve ‘recognition of the connectivity between surface and groundwater resources and connected systems managed as a single resource’. The ability of water resource plans to avoid compromising environmental watering requirements, e.g. baseflow regimes, was severely tested during the recent drought, especially in the northern MDB. A review of the climate vulnerability of the MDB Basin Plan reported that ‘connections between surface and groundwater systems are particularly vulnerable to climate change due to the lack of baseline knowledge of hydraulic relationships, the immaturity of water resource management frameworks to manage surface water and groundwater in an integrated way’. This talk discusses some aspects of connectivity between surface water and groundwater to inform this debate. In particular, the impact assessment of groundwater management on adjacent surface water, the impact assessment of surface water management on groundwater and then on surface water; and conjunctive management of hydrologically connected resources.

Bio: Glen Walker was a research scientist with CSIRO Land and Water for thirty years, working on groundwater and salinity, especially in the Murray-Darling Basin. He has since set up his own consultancy, Grounded in Water and has worked as a member of the Independent Scientific Expert Committee on Large Coal Developments and Coal Seam Gas; the MDB Independent Audit Group for Salinity and a University of Melbourne expert team on irrigation return flows in the southern MDB. He has also been the NCGRT/IAH Distinguished Lecturer.

Our NSW Tech Talks are open to anyone with an interest in groundwater topics and lessons delivered by eminent and inspiring hydrogeologists (members and non-members welcome).

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