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Future Advances in Groundwater Modelling — FEFLOW 6.2 Sneak Preview

Wednesday 5 June, 2013

June 13 2013, 5:30 pm

Melbourne Hotel, corner of Hay and Milligan Streets

Mine works modelling

Join IAH and DHI for socializing and a technical talk.

Fabien Cornaton will introduce the beta-version of FEFLOW 6.2, giving an overview of the many new features to be implemented in the next release of FEFLOW and providing a roadmap for future development directions. Fabien will explain and discuss these features from a practical perspective so that the talk is relevant also for hydrogeologists and groundwater managers utilizing models in their work and decision processes. Groundwater modellers working on other software tools and codes are especially welcome to attend. Special focus will be placed on the current development activities of FEFLOW, including Sub-Domain budgeting, advanced capture zone and age analyses, Random-Walk Particle-Tracking and fully unstructured meshing approaches. The methods described will address challenges related to difficult geological systems and processes in mining, contamination transport, and most other environmental systems.

Following the presentation, there will be time for feedback and a discussion on the challenges and most important developments in groundwater modelling.  Alexander Renz, a senior engineer with DHI in Perth, will lead the discussion.


Fabien Cornaton is presently Head Developer for FEFLOW Scientific Development at DHI-WASY.

Fabien completed his Ph.D. thesis in 2003 at the Centre of Hydrogeology, University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) titled:  “A Deterministic models of groundwater age, life expectancy, and transit time distributions in advective-dispersive systems”. He has many years experience in developing environmental flow simulators using various computational methods. During his time as a lecturer at the University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) and as a Professor at the Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico), he developed and applied groundwater modelling codes for various applications, including radioactive waste management and contamination risk assessments.

As the Head Developer of FEFLOW at DHI-WASY, Fabien is responsible for scientific development of one of the worlds most recognized commercial groundwater modelling systems.


This event is sponsored by DHI Water and Environment.

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