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IAH NSW Meeting 9 April 2019: Brendan Dimech and Dr Andrew Frost (Bureau of Meteorology)

Wednesday 3 April, 2019

IAH NSW is pleased to announce that our next meeting on Tuesday 9 April 2019 features talks by Brendan Dimech and Dr Andrew Frost (Bureau of Meteorology).

A presentation on Bureau of Meteorology’s suite of national groundwater products – Brendan Dimech

Brendan is a Hydrogeologist at the Groundwater Unit with the Bureau of Meteorology. He will present the updates to the Bureau’s suite of national groundwater products ( including the National Groundwater Information System (a database of spatial information on more than 800 000 bores and their attributes), the Australian Groundwater Explorer (mapping portal for visualising and analysing groundwater data) and the Australian Groundwater Insight (user-friendly map portal with curate spatial maps designed for non-experts). These products are freely available from the Bureau website. Brendan will discuss the latest updates of data from the February 2019 release, how they relate to NSW groundwater users and some future groundwater product developments

An overview of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Landscape Water Balance website and the Australian Water Resources Assessment Model – Dr Andrew Frost

Dr Andrew Frost is a Senior Hydrologist within the Water Resources Modelling Unit. He will present an overview of the Bureau’s Landscape Water Balance website ( and underlying Australian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA-L) Model; detailing outputs, performance and use. The AWRA-L model produces publicly available national gridded estimates of soil moisture, runoff, evapotranspiration and deep drainage from 1911 until yesterday and are used for retrospective studies and for operational purposes. The modelling system has been released as a community modelling system (, enabling application and development by the wider research community. Further planned development includes implementation of flow routing, application at the 1km scale, operational data assimilation, forecasting (1-10 day and seasonal) and hydrological projection products, and comparison and collaboration with other national/global efforts in this space.

Venue: WSP office Level 27, 680 George Street, Sydney

Date: Tuesday 9 April 2019

Time: 5.30 pm for a 6.00 pm start.

Public access to level 27 is available until 6pm. Late arrivals call Ali for access – 0426254787

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