International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

IAH-NSW November Meeting

Tuesday 28 October, 2014

IAH-NSW proudly presents Professor David K. Kreamer (Uiversity of Nevada, Las Vegas). Professor Kreamer is also the Vice President of North America, International Association of Hydrogeologists and President of Universities Council on Water Resources. His presentation will spring preservation.

The springs in Grand Canyon National Park are the focus of wildlife in an arid environment, Native American religious cultural traditions, recreational enthusiasts, and can be vulnerable to the impacts of both municipal development outside the park boundaries, and industrial development, particularly mining activities. Spring flow in the Grand Canyon is controlled by geological structure and stratigraphy, and waters can be dated and tracked using environmental tracers. Use of traditional environmental groundwater tracers in the Canyon will be discussed, as well as less often used parameters, such as trace elements in the sub-parts per trillion range, and uranium isotope disequilibrium. The results of this work give resource managers basic data to address concerns of visitor traffic, land use, and future development. For more information on the talk and the venueclick here.


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