International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

IAH-NSW Student Night 2014

Wednesday 8 October, 2014

Another October and another exciting night for young students to share their work with all. This year, we have two, very impressive presentations by Sarah Taylor, PhD student from the University of Sydney, and Juan Carlos Castilla, PhD student form UNSW.

Sarah will present a talk titled A hydrogeochemical study of shallow saline groundwater in south west Sydney’ Shallow saline groundwater occurs throughout western Sydney and is associated with the Wianamatta Shales. The salinity is frequently attributed to the marine environment in which the shale was deposited, though it has also been suggested that a modern oceanic source is morelikely.

Juan, will present a talk titled Simulating complex human-aquifer interactions in managed groundwater systems using agent-based models’ Humans interact with groundwater in complex ways, which lead to conflicts over its appropriation and the health of groundwater-dependent ecosystems. These conflicts are usually long-lasting and can be difficult to settle. These complex interactions also pose several challenges for developing meaningful tools (e.g. groundwater models) for decision-support and basin-scale aquifer management. Also see Juan’s poster on human-aquifer interactions in managed groundwater systems.

The meeting is, as usual, at PB offices. Be there at 5:30 pm for refreshments and enjoy the presentations starting at 6:00pm. For more information on the talks and the venue click here.


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