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IAHWA – June Technical Presentation

Wednesday 17 June, 2015

Transformation of Geophysical properties into Hydrogeological and Engineering parameters

The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) is hosting Geoff Pettifer from GDH  (also an IAHWA member) for a technical presentation with all IAH members welcome to attend.

When: Thursday 18 June 2015, 5:30 for 6pm start
Where: City West Function Centre, 45 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth
Registration: Free for IAH members. Please register by Midnight 16th June.
Registration link:

In this presentation Geoff will discuss the factors relevant to transformation of Geophysical properties into Hydrogeological and Engineering parameters (G2HE).

The factors discussed, by no means a complete list, are Empiricism, Scalability, Resolution, Uncertainty, Clay and Experience. Understanding and considering these factors is integral to acceptance and transformation of measured and modelled geophysical properties into hydrogeological and/or geotechnical parameters.

A limited review of the literature is given, and experiences of real-world commercial constraints are discussed along with some published case examples to illustrate applications and limitations. Recommendations are made for a suggested way forward to improve the practice and gain acceptance of geophysical transformations.

It is recommended that near-surface geophysical societies engage with engineering and hydrogeological societies to gain wider acceptance of geophysical approaches. Additionally, to lobby for further collaborative G2HE research, conferences and working towards accreditation of G2HE as an industry practice with defined standards around G2HE implementation and accepted legal status in site investigation practice.


Geoff Pettifer is Principal Consultant and Project Director in GHD and former Manager of the GHD Shepparton office. Geoff has over 40 years international experience working in the groundwater, earth resource, environment, geotechnical, water resources, irrigation and mining sectors.

His interests are in sustainable development of these sectors and in international development. With 8 years experience on international development assignments in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and China for World Bank, Government and private sector clients Geoff is a leader in his field.

Geoff has particular experience in geophysics, hydrogeology, spatial sciences, community engagement, strategic policy development and review for information and asset management in water authorities and geological organisations, flood mapping and sustainable development in catchment and irrigation management. His geophysical technical experience covers groundwater, salinity, soil mapping, environmental, geotechnical, mining, petroleum and mineral resources, remote sensing and bore geophysical logging and condition assessment.


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