Membership fees for 2016

Membership in the International Association of Hydrogeologists runs by the calendar year (January to December).

IAH Australia will be opening the online portal for 2016 registrations in early January. Another notice will be sent out in January once the portal is up and running.

After much deliberation, the National Committee has voted to freeze registration fees for the 2016 year. As the obligatory remittance to the central IAH office in the UK is the major expenditure for IAH Australia, the National Committee will continue to monitor fluctuations in the Australian dollar exchange rate. Should any changes to the membership fees be required for the 2017 membership year, members will be notified ahead of the next annual general meeting.



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  1. Anthony says:

    I keep getting an error regarding my payment. Are there any issues with the payment portal?

    • Kyle says:

      Hi Anthony,

      We are just looking into issues people have been having with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

      We suggest trying again with Firefox or Chrome, but we should have a solution for IE users tomorrow (Friday).

      • Kyle says:

        Our IT team appears to have it sorted now. Thanks for helping us sort out the problem.

        I would appreciate if you could try registering again at your earliest convenience, and let me know if you have any further difficulties.

  2. Alyx says:

    Are memberships open? I did not receive any email about it.

  3. Richard says:

    I have tried to pay my membership a number of times, but the system keeps rejecting my valid credit card and associated codes. I now have two membership payments pending! How do I remove one of these and get my one payment accepted?

  4. Allan says:

    I cannot find the anywhere where under the “Membership” heading that allows me to renew my subscription as outlined in point (2) in the email I received today

  5. Christopher says:

    Yes, same issues here with a valid credit card not being accepted.

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