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SA IAH/NCGRT Modellers’ Forum #4

Tuesday 25 March, 2014

IAH Australia and the NCGRT have joined together to present a series of groundwater modelling forums. This series is an opportunity for Adelaide’s groundwater modellers to come together and discuss a host of issues relevant to consultancies, agencies and researchers.


The analytic element method is a numerical method used to solve partial differential equations, which has been used worldwide over many years specifically for modelling regional flow, although it is not commonly used in Australia. There is a range of advantages and limitations to using this approach compared to MODFLOW, and this forum will delve into when it can be most successfully applied.

Professor Strack will focus on the use of elementary analytic solutions and models created with the analytic element method for solving groundwater flow problems. This approach to solving groundwater problems, regardless of their complexity, is greatly enhanced in terms of both insight and efficiency by carrying out preliminary computations. Such computations may consist of relatively simple solutions amenable to implementation, either in interactive computer programs such as MATLAB®, or in dedicated analytic element computer programs such as SLAEM or MLAEM.

Following Professor Strack’s presentation, an NCGRT Program 2 researcher will lead a discussion into how and why this method could be applied to Australian groundwater modelling. Anyone interested in learning more about new and innovative approaches to groundwater modelling should attend.

Presenters: The forum will be led by the creator of the method, Professor Otto Strack from the University of Minnesota, who will introduce the method and related models.

Date: Thursday 10 April 2014 Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm Location: Flinders University City Campus Level 1, Room 1 182 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000 Tea and Coffee will be provided

This forum is free of charge

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