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Something Old, Something New; Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia

Thursday 24 May, 2012

The Australia Drilling Industry Association (ADIA), together with the IAH invite all members to attend “Something Old, Something New”, the launching of the 3rd edition of “Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia” released in February this year.

Central to the focus of the guideline was to establish minimum requirements for constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating, and decommissioning water bores in Australia. It is used extensively by regulators and the drilling industry, and provides a consistent standard reference across Australia for the licensing of bores and drillers. The requirements focus on protecting groundwater resources from contamination, deterioration, and uncontrolled flow associated with poorly constructed bores, and on the construction of bores to provide a good water supply.

It draws on the combined experience and knowledge of the drilling industry and regulators, and incorporates submissions from both groups. The major features of this edition are:

• the separation of the requirements into mandatory requirements and good industry practice the development of principles, which are the critical elements in constructing, maintaining, rehabilitating, and decommissioning bores, and protecting the groundwater resource of Australia

• significant updates of some technical aspects, including casing, sealing, and bore head completion

• that it is written in plain English.

Mandatory requirements are enforceable by regulators for the protection of the groundwater resource. Good industry practice draws on the industry’s experience and describes methods and techniques which, while not mandatory, are recommended to:

• help satisfy mandatory requirements

• provide efficient and cost-effective water bores

• ensure the long-term efficiency and operation of the water bore.

About the speakers

Simon Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer of the ADIA and John McAvan, Manager, Drilling Consultancy of the Water Corporation will discuss the origin of the minimum construction requirements, why brought about the recent review, how the review process has been adapted and discuss what the major changes are in the 3rd edition.

Come join us

Simon and John will be speaking at the Irish Club on Tuesday, 29 May. Fellowship will commence from 5pm and the presentation will commence at 5:45pm.

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