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The Early Career Hydrogeologists’ ‘Coolest Paper of 2013’ competition

Monday 17 March, 2014

Have you read a paper about hydrogeology that made you jump out of your seat this year? What was the piece of science that really inspired you with its originality, creativity, thoroughness or downright coolness? Here’s your chance to have a say, in the inaugural ‘Coolest hydrogeology paper of the year’ competition, run by the Early Career Hydrogeologists Nework of IAH.

How to enter?

 NOMINATIONS: First, any early career hydrogeologist can nominate any hydrogeology paper published (online or in volume) during 2013 in any peer-reviewed journal (not only Hydrogeology Journal), with a maximum 50-word justification of their nomination.

Before March 31, 2014, nominate a paper at:

 VOTING: Second, there will be an open, online poll in which any early career hydrogeologist can vote for the published article that they consider ‘the coolest’ of the nominations. Voting will begin on April 1, 2014, following receipt of the nominations, which will appear on the voting page.

Before May 31, 2014, vote at:                

The paper receiving the most total votes will be awarded the major prize – a year’s IAH membership and a book title of choice from the IAH publishing series. The prize will be awarded at the 2014 IAH congress in Marrakech, Morocco, where the winning author will be invited to deliver a keynote address. In addition, there will be a random draw after each of the two phases, and one lucky participant will receive their choice of book title from the IAH series.

For further details, terms and conditions, visit the new webpage of the IAH early career hydrogeologists network:

To get more involved with the ECHN and other initiatives for early career hydrogeologists, you can join the LinkedIn group:

Looking forward to receiving your nominations and votes!

-The IAH ECHN Steering Committee

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