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Victorian IAH Branch submission regarding the Victorian Water Bill Exposure Draft

Wednesday 19 November, 2014

Water Law Review

The Victorian Government is carrying out a comprehensive review of Victoria’s water laws to deliver a streamlined and effective legislative framework for water management and use in Victoria.

Water Minister Peter Walsh appointed an expert Advisory Panel with legal and water industry experience to oversee the review and make recommendations.

Water Bill Exposure Draft

Victorians have a chance to comment on proposed changes to the state’s water laws.

Victoria has two main Acts that govern the management and use of water – the Water Act 1989 and the Water Industry Act 1994.

The Water Bill Exposure Draft (the Exposure Draft) proposes to bring these Acts into a single new streamlined Water Act.

The Exposure Draft has been prepared for public exposure and comment. It reflects contemporary practice in water management and government policy.

Key proposals

  • Enables the delivery of the Victorian Government’s Living Victoria policy and Melbourne’s Water Future Strategy;
  • Consolidates in one place the water management arrangements for a particular area, which will help improve understanding of these arrangements;
  • Targets processes for identifying and managing long-term risks to water resources so they are more efficient;
  • Clarifies and simplifies processes for licences and water shares;
  • Clearly defines the functions of water corporations and catchment management authorities;
  • Enhances and modernises the compliance and enforcement regime with more alternatives to court action and new penalties that are in line with the nature of the offences.


The Victorian IAH Branch has provided comment on the Victorian Government Water Bill Exposure Draft, which can be accessed here.

For further information of the proposed changes, follow the link below to the Department of Environment and Primary Industries website:

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