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SA Basins – Stratigraphy & Hydrogeology

This the first of a series of workshops examining the stratigraphy and hydrogeology of the major sedimentary basins in SA. The Murray Basin is the first on the list.
The workshop includes:

• Examination of core samples of the major sedimentary units

• Presentations on the geological history, structure and processes

• Viewing 3D visualisations of the surfaces of the major sedimentary units

• Discussion of the hydrogeology of the three major aquifers

• A data package of key geological and hydrogeological reports and GIS coverages of sedimentary surfaces and hydrogeology (salinity and potentiometric surfaces)

WHEN  – Friday, March 2nd at 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

WHERE – South Australia Drill Core Reference Library.  5 Tonsley Boulevard, Tonsley, SA.

COST  – Workshop only (course notes, morning tea, lunch) $ 50.  Workshop and data pack (reports, GIS data) $ 200.  Delegates can choose the workshop only option and/or workshop plus data package

REGISTRATION – u/events/1129

For further information, contact Steve Barnett on 08 8463 6950 or

NCGRT Field Methods School – IAH Members 10% discount applies

This three-day course will review and provide participants with hands-on experience in a selection of common and novel techniques used to monitor and characterise groundwater systems. Short presentations and reading material will provide a theoretical background, after which the techniques will be applied in a series of informative, practical field trips.

The course will cover:
• monitoring well construction
• surface geophysics
• borehole geophysics
• aquifer pumping and slug tests
• surface water gauging
• well pumping and geochemical sampling

Lectures, demonstrations and tutorials are given by leading groundwater professionals. Our presenters are experienced hydrogeologists and specialists in both public and private practice, from industry, universities and research agencies.

Professor Peter Cook, Professor of Hydrogeology at Flinders University and Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO

Dr Glenn Harrington, Director and Principal Hydrogeologist

Dr Eddie Banks, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, Flinders University

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SA IAH/NCGRT Modellers’ Forum #4

IAH Australia and the NCGRT have joined together to present a series of groundwater modelling forums. This series is an opportunity for Adelaide’s groundwater modellers to come together and discuss a host of issues relevant to consultancies, agencies and researchers.


The analytic element method is a numerical method used to solve partial differential equations, which has been used worldwide over many years specifically for modelling regional flow, although it is not commonly used in Australia. There is a range of advantages and limitations to using this approach compared to MODFLOW, and this forum will delve into when it can be most successfully applied.

Professor Strack will focus on the use of elementary analytic solutions and models created with the analytic element method for solving groundwater flow problems. This approach to solving groundwater problems, regardless of their complexity, is greatly enhanced in terms of both insight and efficiency by carrying out preliminary computations. Such computations may consist of relatively simple solutions amenable to implementation, either in interactive computer programs such as MATLAB®, or in dedicated analytic element computer programs such as SLAEM or MLAEM.

Following Professor Strack’s presentation, an NCGRT Program 2 researcher will lead a discussion into how and why this method could be applied to Australian groundwater modelling. Anyone interested in learning more about new and innovative approaches to groundwater modelling should attend.

Presenters: The forum will be led by the creator of the method, Professor Otto Strack from the University of Minnesota, who will introduce the method and related models.

Date: Thursday 10 April 2014 Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm Location: Flinders University City Campus Level 1, Room 1 182 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000 Tea and Coffee will be provided

This forum is free of charge

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SA IAH Chapter/NCGRT groundwater modellers’ forum #3

IAH Australia and the NCGRT have joined up to present a series of groundwater modelling forums.  This series is an opportunity for Adelaide’s groundwater modellers to come together and discuss a host of issues relevant to consultancies, agencies and researchers.


Predicting the impacts of climate change on groundwater resources is not a straightforward exercise, given the ‘cascade of uncertainty’ that occurs when outputs from one model are used as inputs to another which has its own uncertainties and simplifications. The desire for simplicity and ‘magic’ number answers may result in highly misleading outcomes from such predictions. Four experts will briefly discuss the various modelling processes and associated uncertainties before a spirited open discussion about possible best practice methodologies to prevent misunderstandings and distorted predictions of groundwater impacts.


  • Russell Crosbie – Climate models
  • Graham Green – Rainfall/recharge models
  • Craig Simmons – Groundwater models
  • Hugh Middlemis – Groundwater modelling guidelines

Date: Wednesday 18th December
Time: 1:00-3:00pm (afternoon tea will be provided)
Location: Flinders University City Campus Level 1, Room 1,  182 Victoria Square Adelaide SA 5000 (NE Corner, former Reserve Bank)

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Groundwater modellers forum #3


NCGRT/IAH Groundwater Modellers Forum #2 – Adelaide

PEST image small

This series is an opportunity for Adelaide’s groundwater modellers to come together and discuss a host of issues relevant to consultancies, agencies and researchers.

This forum will present examples of modelling applications using a variety of different modelling software packages. Three modellers will each give a 15 minute presentation giving examples of how a specific application of software has solved a groundwater problem, emphasising why they chose that particular model and what advantages this has offered.

Following the three presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussion. A panel, led by Professor Craig Simmons, Director of the NCGRT, and involving the three presenters, will discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of different modelling approaches and modelling packages.


Jarrah Muller, SKM
Modelling open cut pit development in folded banded ion formation (BIF) using FEFLOW

John Kozuskanich, NCGRT
Discretising a discrete fracture model for simulation of solute transport using analytical models and HydroGeoSphere

Maria Pool, NCGRT
A comparison of deterministic and stochastic approaches for calibrating real region aquifers – Mar del Plata aquifer

Date: 4 July 2013
Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Location: Flinders City Campus Room 2.2, Level 2,  182 Victoria Square Adelaide, SA

This forum is free of charge
Tea and coffee will be provided

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Download Flyer (PDF 2.35MB)


SA IAH Chapter – Technical Meeting

Technical Inputs to Water Allocation Plans (WAPs)

The formulation of WAPs requires considerable scientific input to determine the resource capacities (ie sustainable limits for groundwater and surface water use), environmental water requirements, monitoring regimes and appropriate policies to protect the resource and existing users. Kumar Savadamuthu and Steve Barnett (DEWNR) will present the philosophy and technical approaches used to provide these inputs for both surface water and groundwater resources.

Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2013, 5.30pm

Location: Charles Hawker Centre, Waite Campus, Urrbrae. (opposite gate 2)

Time: Presentation to commence – 6.15pm

Presented by:

Steve Barnett  and Kumar Savadamuthu

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Steve Barnett is Principal Hydrogeologist with DEWNR and has over 30 years experience in the assessment and management of groundwater resources in SA. He has made technical contributions to 10 WAPs over this period.

Kumar Savadamuthu  is Principal Hydrologist with DEWNR. Trained as a civil engineer, with a Masters in Water Resources & Hydrology, followed by a career (around 20 years, in India, US, Germany and Australia) that has gradually expanded in areas of civil engineering, hydrometry, catchment hydrology, catchment modelling and management and recently into areas water allocation planning & policy.

IAH/NCGRT Inaugural Groundwater Modellers’ Forum

The forum aims to have regular meetings of groundwater modellers here in Adelaide to discuss a host of issues relevant to consultancies, agencies and researchers.


  • Welcome and Introduction (Steve Barnett & Peter Cook)
  • Modelling Guidelines – First Version (Hugh Middlemis)
  • Modelling Guidelines – Second Version (Doug Weatherill)
  • Discussion
  • DEWNR Model Warehouse (Wei Yan)
  • Where to from here (Steve Barnett & Peter Cook)
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Call for abstracts: 2013 IAH Congress

The 40th International Congress of the IAH will be hosted in Perth between 15 and 20 September, 2013. Themed ‘Solving the Groundwater Challenges of the 21st Century’, the 2013 Congress will provide a showcase for the international groundwater industry.

Globally, the groundwater industry will face substantial challenges this century. These issues need solutions and in many cases groundwater will be key. The Congress will focus on international technical and hydrogeological research and will highlight links to politics, economics, indigenous and western social values.

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