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IAH-NSW Proudly Presents: 2013 Student Night

Tuesday 1 October, 2013

Dear IAH-NSW friends, on October 15th we proudly present our  student presenters for 2013.

Richard Rosendorff an Honours student from UNSW, will present his talk on “Identification of fractures in the Hawkesbury Sandstone using Ground-Penetrating Radar’.

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive geophysical technique that allows for imaging of the shallow sub-surface. There has been a need to understand the alteration of fracture networks caused by long wall mining related subsidence. This is especially apparent in areas where an aquifer overlies the mining panels e.g. the Waratah Rivulet. If the natural local fracture network is altered this may cause a disruption in the surface water – groundwater flow, ultimately leading to a change in local catchment supply. By combining field mapping of fractures, aerial photographs, and GPR data in 3D modelling software it was possible to visualise the fracture networks and detect various sub surface fractures. Presentation file can be viewed here.

Michael Short, a PhD student from ANU will present his talk on: “Where’s the plug? 200 years of fluctuating water levels at Lake George”.

Ever since its discovery in the early 19th century, the fluctuating water levels of Lake George, located in the Southern Tablelands, have intrigued locals, tourist and scientists alike. Many complex and unbelievable theories have been put forward to explain this phenomenon but the truth lies in the fine balance between rainfall, surface runoff and evaporation. This presentation will describe current knowledge of the Lake George Basin hydrological system and the methods that will be used to gain a better understanding of salt accumulation processes within this small endorheic basin.

We encourage you to join us on this very special night to keep in touch with the younger generation of professionals and where their interests lie. for more information on time and venue please click here.

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