International Association of Hydrogeologists Australia

Western Australian AGM 2014 and Student Night

Sunday 26 October, 2014

Wednesday 19 November 2014

5:30 socialising, 6:00 pm program start

FMG Training Rooms, Level 3, 87 Plain Street corner of Adelaide Terrace and Plain Street.

The Western Australian Chapter will hold their Annual General Meeting and the 2014 Student Night at a new location at Fortescue Metals Group (full directions below).

This is an important opportunity for you to get involved and become a committee member for 2015. Last year’s committee, and nominations for 2015 are shown below.  Note that you can nominate yourself (or a friend, with their permission) for ANY position on the board. The position descriptions are shown on a separate page. Fill out the nomination form and BRING IT ALONG or mail it to the Secretary Mariajose Romero-Segura. You can also get a form on the night (and even a pen).

We will also be going out to dinner afterwards as a group to Joe’s Oriental Diner.  Please let Mariajose Romero-Segura if you’d like to join the fun so we can reserve tables.


Current Officer



Chairperson – State LiaisonGrant BoltonIan Brandes de RoosGrant Bolton
Vice ChairpersonIan Brandes de RoosMariajose Romero-SeguraIan Brandes de Roos
SecretaryMariajose Romero-SeguraMariajose Romero-Segura
TreasurerPeter de Broekert Peter de Broekert
Meetings SecretaryTodd HodgkinTodd Hodgkin
Ministerial  LiaisonKeith BrownKeith Brown
Education RepresentativeRyan VogwillRyan Vogwill
Media LiaisonRobin SmithRyan VogwillRobin Smith
Membership ChampionMariajose Romero-SeguraMariajose Romero-Segura
Presenter CoordinatorGeoff Pettifer, Pauline Amez-DrozPauline Amez-DrozGeoff Pettifer
Seminar CoordinatorGeoff Pettifer, Pauline Amez-DrozGeoff PettiferPauline Amez-Droz
Sponsorship ChampionBradley van BlomesteinBradley van Blomestein
Newsletter ChampionKeith BrownKeith Brown
Newsletter AssistantMelissa NygaMelissa Nyga
Web ChampionEduardo de SousaEduardo de Sousa
Web AssistantJohn Enkelmann and Lynn ReidLynn Reid and John Enkelmann
State LiaisonPhilip CommanderGrant BoltonPhilip Commander
ECHN ChampionRachel WroeRachel Wroe
Student ChampionGemma BloomfieldGemma Bloomfield

Student Night

Presentations will follow the brief AGM.  Three hydrogeology students will present their research and vie for a monetary prize.

  • Daniel HearnUWA Honours Degree: Source, fate and mobility of groundwater nutriends, metals/metaloids, and organic wastewater contaminants in the unconfined Broome Aquifer.
  • Evan Heazlewood – Curtin University Honours Degree: Analytical techniques employed to gauge the redox conditions in a shallow aquifer; a comparison of ion selective electrode (ISE) analysis versus ion chromatography (IC)
  • Malinda Kay – UWA MSc Student: Hydrogeology of the North Gnangara Groundwater System

Getting to FMG:

To reach the training rooms, enter FMG’s main entrance on the corner of Adelaide Terrace and Plain Street. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

–There are bus stops in each direction just outside FMG on Adelaide Terrace. It is within the Free Transit Zone, so all buses to/from the city are free.

— There is ample City of Perth paid parking just around the corner on Plain Street, towards the river. There is also parking underneath FMG/Hyatt for those who don’t want to walk a block., and valet parking is available.

— There is a public taxi stand located at the Hyatt next door.

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